Acute Care

At LDFM, we define acute care as any situation where you or a family member is facing an unexpected injury or trauma. For example, did you hurt your ankle in a pickup basketball game and aren’t sure if it’s severely twisted or broken? How about a dog bite, or you spent too much time in the sun and are suffering from symptoms of dehydration? Think of us as your small-town emergency room, providing responsive care for everything from broken bones to cuts and wounds. We can also help with fractures, sutures, concussions, splinting, injuries that cause lacerations, IV rehydration services, unexplained chest pain, and more.

Having a nurse practitioner who takes care of you for the small things and can save you that expensive trip to the ER is a win for your entire family. Because we have already developed a trusting relationship with you, LDFM will know exactly how to care for your family’s every need.

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