End-of-Life Education

According to the American Medical Association, approximately 2.7 million Americans die every year but only about one-third of all of them have any type of advance directive or care plan on file with their primary care physicians. At LDFM, our desire is to treat the whole patient for their whole lives. Many times that means going beyond traditional healthcare and diving head first into providing resources to serve patients throughout their entire lifespan – even when dealing with topics that are difficult to think about or discuss.

One way we do this is through end-of-life education. We want to be your partner in all things related to your health status, and it is important for us to know that your wishes for end of life are known and respected.

  • Who will make decisions for you when you can’t?
  • What is your definition of Quality life vs. Quantity of life?
  • Have you met with an attorney or financial planner to discuss legal and financial issues related to aging and death?
  • Have you made your wishes known to your family for end-of-life care? Are they supportive of your decisions?

A common misconception is that these services are strictly for patients who are terminally ill or have chronic medical conditions. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Advance-care planning is valuable for everyone – regardless of age or current health status. It is a way to support patients while also facilitating decision making and promoting better care at the end of life. We also welcome your family and loved ones during our Forward Stepping Visits so that your decisions can be explained and discussed in an environment that is supportive and nurturing.

When the answers to your specific situation fall outside of the scope of our practice, we have a group of professionals to refer you to. We partner with qualified and trusting attorneys, financial planners, and palliative care experts who share our philosophy, mission, and beliefs when it comes to caring for the whole person.

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